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Embrace Wabi-Sabi In 2019

The design aesthetic ‘’Wabi-sabi’’ which shaped up in 2018 is still the décor trend of the moment. The Japanese decor trend will be huge in 2019 as well. Wabi-sabi is in spirit with Japanese way of thinking that rejoices imperfection. In the design arena, it’s all about organic designs and shapes, natural textures, subdued colors, weathered wood, worn furniture, handmade materials and more. Wabi-sabi is all about performing realism in life, appreciating the magnificence of imperfection, instead of trying to improve it. Finding positive in all bits and pieces and be dependent primarily on natural resources is the principle behind the Wabi-sabi home décor trend.

Here I am sharing with you few spectacular Wabi-sabi home designs from my Pinterest board to stir your creativeness this 2019. Have a look-

Instead of using high-end furniture, clasp wabi-sabi decorating with using pre-owned objects shopped from second-hand stores, antique shops and craft shows to give your home a down-to-earth feel. Unfinished wood and unpolished metal accents are perfect.

Subdued and Earth tones are extremely stimulated in Wabi-sabi homes and offices.

Objects made from brick or unpainted concrete generally meet wabi-sabi standards.

Gigantic pots and vases in hues of red, blue, and yellow are seamless as long as they demonstrate few flaws like noticeable cracks.

Choose natural fiber materials like canvas or burlap for window coverings and tablecloths.

Woven cotton or hemp rugs pair well with unfinished hardwood floors in Wabi-sabi trend.

Following Wabi-sabi philosophy is not about being lazy or dropping your sense of style but appreciating the imperfection and embracing the new artistic way of home décor.

So what do you think, is this ‘’unpretentious- work-in-progress look’’ is the new creative décor for your home!!!